About Me

“Are you good enough to make it as a musician?”

“Do you have what it takes?”

These were some of the questions that I asked myself as I was starting out in my journey to becoming a professional pianist. 

I searched for all the information I could find about becoming a successful musician. I read through so many Reddit, Yahoo, and piano forum posts by individuals, mostly teenagers, asking the same questions. Were they good enough? Did they have enough repertoire? What were the odds for them to becoming concert pianists?

Responses were either extremely positive or extremely negative! 

Some people said things like “Go for it! It’s a dream! It’s worth a shot!” Others said, “Unless you’re a prodigy, or have a long list of X accomplishments and then some, it’s a one in a million chance.” 

Would these replies encourage you or scare you? They definitely scared me!!

I certainly wasn’t “qualified” enough. I hadn’t won any major international competitions, I didn’t have enough significant solo repertoire, and I hadn’t even played with an orchestra! If those forums and posts were any indication, I shouldn’t have gotten into a music school, certainly not a conservatory.

But guess what?

I DID!!! 


This is how I did it and this is the story of my journey…


Non-prodigy finger dancer. Studying at a conservatory in Boston. Foodie, loves cooking and baking. Bookworm and blogger. Aspiring globetrotter.